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San Diego Dentists Can Solve Your Dental Problems

Dentist Pacific Beach San Diego dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry, general dental services and emergency dental services in San Diego, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Ocean Beach and Clairemont.

San Diego dentists at Pacific Beach Dentists say that our San Diego dentists provide skillful dental services to make you happy with your smile. We are able to do this, not only because of the years of experience that we have but because we use the latest techniques in order to provide you with the exact services that you need.

Dr Sonny Aryan, who heads up the San Diego dentists that work in his office has his doctorate of dental surgery from the University of California at San Francisco. In addition, further education was obtained from the prestigious San Francisco dental school. Of course, like any profession, we feel that it is important to continue education so that you are sure to be using the latest techniques and providing what is best for the patient. Because of this, he has also completed the advanced cosmetic training and his residency through the University of California Los Angeles. As you can plainly see, Dr Aryan is not only interested in providing you with the cosmetic and family dentistry services that you need, he wants to make sure that he is at the top of the field so that he can provide those for you skillfully.

There are quite a few different services that the San Diego dentists at Pacific Beach Dentistry are able to take care of for you. As far as general dentistry is concerned, this would include emergency dentistry, dental sealants and fluoride treatments. Additionally, emergency tooth extractions and teeth cleaning are services that may be necessary. Because these San Diego dentists work locally, you will be able to conveniently get to their offices and receive the high quality services that they have to provide. Of course, general dentistry is not the only service that is provided at this office, as cosmetic dentistry is also something that is taken care of as well.

The cosmetic dentistry that is able to be taken care of by the San Diego dentists at Pacific Beach is quite diverse. Many people go to them for some basic procedures, such as wanting to have their teeth whitened or perhaps aligned. In addition, however, there are colored fillings, porcelain crowns and dental bridges which are also offered at our Pacific Beach office. In fact, there are multiple solutions to your dental problems that will have you smiling at your smile. Even a full smile makeover is possible, and this is something that you may want to take advantage of because of the cosmetic effect that can be enjoyed.

One of the goals that we have as San Diego dentists is to make sure that everybody has the affordable dental care that they need. If you have insurance or even if you are working through a PPO, we may be able to assist you in getting the affordable dental work that is necessary. If you have any questions, simply give us a call and we can assist you in making sure that you are happy with our services.

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A Tooth Filling Can Be an Alternative to a Tooth Extraction or Dental Implants

Pacific Beach Dentists,  San Diego dentists specialize in general dental services, emergency dental services and cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, Pacific Beach, PB, Ocean Beach, OB, La Jolla and Clairemont.

San Diego Dentists in San Diego, Pacific Beach, PB, Ocean Beach, OB, La Jolla and Clairemont says that patients should have an understanding of dental procedures involving tooth fillings as an alternative to extraction and dental implants.

Dr. Aryan, Pacific Beach San Diego dentist and San Diego Emergency dentist explains that when you visit your dentist to get a tooth filling, you may be given local anesthesia to numb the area if necessary. Next, your san diego dentist will remove decay from the tooth, using hand instruments or a drill. Air abrasion and lasers also can be used to remove decay.

Dr. Aryan, San Diego dentist, typically uses a drill, which is called a handpiece, and metal cones called burs to cut through the enamel and remove the decay. Burs come in many shapes and sizes. He will choose the ones that are right for the size and location of your decay. At first, the dentist will use a high speed drill (the one with the familiar whining sound) to remove the decay and unsupported enamel of the tooth. Once the drill reaches the dentin or second layer of the tooth, the dentist may use a lower speed drill. That’s because dentin is softer than enamel.

Your San Diego dentist will shape the space to prepare it for the filling once all the decay is removed. Different types of fillings require different shaping procedures to make sure they will stay in place. Your dentist may put in a base or a liner to protect the tooth’s pulp (where the nerves are). The base or liner can be made of composite resin, glass ionomer, zinc oxide and eugenol, or another material. Some of these materials release fluoride to protect the tooth from further decay.

If your dentist is placing a bonded filling, he will etch (prepare) the tooth with an acid gel before placing the filling. Etching makes tiny holes in the tooth’s enamel surface. This allows the filling to bond tightly to the tooth. Bonded fillings can reduce the risk of leakage or decay under the filling. That’s because the etched surface of the tooth and the filling material form a mechanical bond. Bonding is generally done with composite fillings.

San Diego Dentists at Pacific Beach Dentist state that certain types of fillings get hardened by a special light. When applying these fillings, your dentist will stop several times to shine a bright light on the resin. This cures (hardens) the material and makes it strong. Finally, after the filling is placed, he will use burs to finish and polish the tooth.

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