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How to take care of new dentures from Pacific Beach, San Diego dentist

  1. You will experience some discomfort with any new denture for a few days. All new dentures need several adjustments to completely and comfortably fit your mouth.
  2. You should take the dentures out every night and keep them in a clean container containing water or denture cleaning solution. Your gum needs rest and to be without the dentures every day for a period of time.
  3. Clean dentures thoroughly with brush and water before putting them back in your mouth.
  4. It may be difficult to talk normally with the new denture for a few days. A way to practice is to read a book or newspaper out loud for a period of time everyday. Your tongue and muscles will get used to the new denture and you will talk normally very soon.

Call the Dr. Aryan’s dental office, Pacific Beach, San Diego dentist if you are experience pain, discomfort or if you have any questions.


Dentures, unlike dental bridges, are removable replacements for missing teeth.

Dr. Aryan at Dentist San Diego offices offers both complete (or full) and partial dentures. These dentures are finely crafted and custom-fitted and will provide support for you to speak and eat with ease.

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