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PR26-Dentist Pacific Beach launches emergency dental services in San Diego

The Dentist Pacific Beach becomes one of the few practices in the local area to offer an emergency dental service in San Diego. Dr. Sonny Aryan of the Dentist Pacific Beach practice has announced the launch of an urgent dental care service in the San Diego area. Dr. Aryan has launched the service as there are relatively few 24 hour emergency dental services in San Diego and he wanted to be available should a patient need an emergency dentist in the San Diego area. Dental emergencies often happen when people least expect them and often these emergencies occur out of hours. A tooth abscess, broken tooth or an injury to soft tissue can occur at any moment, and with the opening of the new service, patients now have an emergency dental clinic in San Diego. Commenting on the launch of the new 24 hour dentist in San Diego, Dr. Aryan said:

“Patients don’t have to continue to suffer when they have a toothache.  San Diego emergency dentist can relieve the dental pain immediately if a patient has any dental emergencies like a broken tooth, knocked-out tooth, a lost filling, a crown that fell off, tooth abscess, loose braces, broken brace wires or severe toothache or discomfort.

“It’s important to realize that seeing an emergency dentist can prevent unnecessary dental complications,” Dr Aryan added.

Many patients don’t realize that a dental emergency can soon develop into a medical emergency if it is left untreated, which is why the availability of an emergency dental clinic in San Diego is so important.

For example, a tooth abscess that is left infected can cause serious infection and lead to further medical complications or a broken tooth or brace wires can lead to severe discomfort if left untreated. However, with the opening of a new emergency dentist in San Diego, patients can now get treatment when they need it. Treating a dental emergency as soon as possible will help to maintain good dental health and prevent any further complications.

Dr Aryan is based at the Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego. Dr Aryan is now available to manage any emergency dental procedures in San Diego. In addition to providing 24 hour emergency dental services in San Diego, Dr Aryan also provides general and cosmetic dentistry in Pacific Beach, San Diego during regular office hours.

To find out more about the emergency dental clinic in San Diego, visit this website or call us.