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PR25-San Diego dentist explains increased popularity of dental implants

San Diego dentist explains increased popularity of dental implants.

Many people are now electing to have dental implants in San Diego. Dr Aryan, a San Diego Dentist, explains the increased popularity of dental implants.

Research shows that more than 30 million people in the United States have a missing or broken tooth, and with a 98% success rate, a dental implant is fast becoming the most popular way to replace a tooth and restore a smile.

For people that are not familiar with dental implants, they come in different shapes and sizes and they need to be drilled into place. Once the dental implant is in place, it will eventually bond to the bone and become a permanent fixture in the jaw.

Although this type of cosmetic dental procedure is more expensive than some of the other options available, for many patients a dental implant is the preferred method as it provides a long-term, easy to maintain solution to restoring a lost or broken tooth.

Commenting on the increased popularity of dental implants, Dr Aryan, a dentist in San Diego, said:

“Many patients are now choosing dental implants as a solution to a missing or broken tooth due to the superior quality. Dental implants provide a long-term solution and there are verified statistics that indicate the excellent long-term success of dental implants. In addition, a dental implant will help to maintain the health of surrounding teeth and tissues.”

However, it is also essential for patients that have a missing tooth to visit a properly qualified cosmetic dentist to carry out this type of dental work. Moreover, it is vital for a patient to find a dentist that can make them feel at ease as well as providing the patient with expert cosmetic dental care.

Dr Aryan of the Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego has many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Aryan qualified as Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of California San Francisco and he is certified by the UCLA for implant Placement Restoration.

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