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San Diego Dentist Can Prevent Tooth Decay

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Author: Dr. Sonny Aryan, San Diego dentist

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San Diego Dentist Explains that Tooth decay can lead to severe cavity in dentin which can cause toothache.

Often a tooth with decay can be restored with fillings. Emergency dental treatment can include extraction of a tooth or performing a root canal. San Diego dentist provides dental emergency 24/7 at Pacific Beach and Clairemont neighborhood.

Usually, a molar is infected by cavity due to its frequent use during mastication. Sometimes the gums can be irritated due to the loss of its biological attachment to the root surface. In this case, a deep cleaning by an Emergency Dentist can resolve the toothache as well. The nature of a cavity is food particles, bacteria and protein coating on the surface of enamel. Extreme cold and hot temperature can initiate the toothache.

Once the cavity is close to the nerve of the tooth, then it becomes a serious problem. One needs to visit a San Diego dentist to check the tooth by taking X-rays and verify the proximity of the cavity to the nerve. A tooth can be sensitive to cold drinks even after a filling is done over the dentin. Most patients experience this sensitivity and this will go away within a few days. In case of a large filling, a root canal might be necessary as a tooth doesn’t like other materials within them and its nerve sends signals to your brain constantly. Extracting a tooth with large cavity is an option in a Dental emergency situation. Overall, many teeth that go through extraction in a Dental Emergency setting can be saved if given enough time to a Dentist as well as covering the cost of the procedures.

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