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PR20-Pacific Beach dentist helps residents restore their smile with dental implants

When you suffer the loss of one or more teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease or injury, dental implants are an option and offer a great and long-lasting alternative to dentures or bridges.

For many of us, our appearance is becoming increasingly important; looking good is vital to our overall confidence and the way we interact with others. However, while many of us do strive to look and feel our best, there is one major asset that often gets overlooked and that is our teeth.
A broken or missing tooth can be enough to completely damage a person’s self-confidence and leave them feeling embarrassed of their smile, or they might even avoid talking to people they don’t know rather than reveal a damaged tooth.

A dental implant can help restore a person’s smile, along with their self-confidence. When considering a dental implant, it is vital to choose the right implant dentist. Patients will need a dentist with expertise in this area and a specialist that they can trust.

Dr. Aryan, the primary dentist at Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego, is a specialist in dental implants and has vast experience in dental implant surgery. Dr. Aryan can use his many years of experience to discuss a patients needs and answer any questions that they might have about dental implants.

Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular today for many reasons. Dr. Aryan, the primary dentist at Dentist Pacific Beach in San Diego, states “Dental implants are more secure and last longer than bridges or dentures and will give a person a natural looking smile.”
One of the other main benefits of dental implants is that they are strong so they don’t get damaged easily, which means there is no need for constant restoration as there often is with other solutions such as dentures. Implants have the ability to give a patient a beautiful smile that they will always be proud of.

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