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PR17 – Pacific Beach Dentist explains the benefits of Dental Implants

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to have dental implants. However, there are some known benefits for having this kind of dental work:


A perfect smile is essential for self-confidence. No one wants to spend their life feeling embarrassed by what their teeth look like or feeling too self-conscious to smile because of the appearance of their teeth; a dental implant can solve this problem.

Natural appearance and function

A dental implant gives a totally natural look and is much stronger than other types of dental restoration. A dental implant will also function normally allowing people to continue with all of their normal everyday activities.

Long-term Solution

While dental implants might seem like a more expensive option – and they do require a larger investment – they last much longer than other restoration options. Implants can also reduce the impact on other teeth, helping to reduce wear overall.

Look Younger

Having a missing tooth will make a person look older than their years and a missing tooth can ultimately lead to a change in the face shape or a wasting around the jaw bone that can make a person look much older. A dental implant can help to prevent these problems and help a person to retain their youthful smile.


Dental implants are preferable to other dental restoration options such as dentures. Dentures can often be uncomfortable and they can lead to rubbing of the gums, causing sore spots. Implants also allow a person to maintain their ability to chew foods properly, allowing them to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

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San Diego Dentist Dr. Sonny Aryan received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery with honors from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). After graduating from the San Francisco Dental School, Dr. Sonny Aryan returned to San Diego where he established a successful dental practice in San Diego and is now a well-renowned dentist in Pacific Beach.

Dr. Aryan also specializes in esthetic, restorative, and Implant Dentistry as well as general dentistry.