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Gum Disease, Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Gum Disease, Gingivitis and Periodontitis Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Dr. Sonny Aryan, San Diego Pacific Beach Dentist explains howGum Disease, Gingivitis and Periodontitis can cause serious health problems.

One’s patient testimonial:

“I just had a deep cleaning on three quadrants by San Diego Dentist, Dr. Sonny Aryan. If you are told you need it, it’s because they need to get beneath the gums where you cannot reach with dental floss or toothbrush and where your regular hygienist usually doesn’t go when you get your teeth cleaned biannually. It didn’t hurt for me. In fact, I felt like my gums were getting massaged, and I liked that feeling. If your gums/teeth are more sensitive than mine, you can get anesthetic applied. It may take a little longer.  I would definitely recommend doing it to guard against further decay and gum disease. If you don’t do it, you take the risk of bacteria continuing to build, possible inflammation and tenderness, and then your body’s immune system reacting to the presence of bacteria. I have also had periodontal surgery, and you don’t want to go there!”


What are Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

Gum disease is manifested in two forms:

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease, causing an inflammation and some bleeding of the gums caused by plaque buildup at the gum line. Gingivitis causes gum inflammation but no bone loss.  Periodontitis is the second stage where the supporting bone and fibers that hold your teeth in place are damaged causing bone damage and loss.

The Progression of Gum Disease

Periodontitis is a common complaint affecting approximately 50% of U.S. adults over the age of 30 years. It occurs in people who have preexisting gingivitis which is caused by the accumulation of bacteria at the gum line (dental plaque). Your gums may begin to form a pocket below the gum line which traps food and plaque. If left untreated, plaque calcifies to form dental calculus.

Dental calculus must be removed completely to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Proper dental treatment and improved home care can usually help prevent further damage. If left untreated, bone supporting your teeth can be destroyed, causing your teeth to shift or loosen.

Top San Diego Dentist Dr. Sonny Aryan uses the following services and technologies to treat gum disease:

Cavitron ultrasonic instrumentation – We use the most modern ultrasonic equipment available to remove plaque buildup quickly and comfortably.

Soft tissue therapy – Dr. Sonny Aryan, Top San Diego dentist has been thoroughly trained to remove the bacterial ridden plaque and tartar deposits that colonize the roots during periodontal disease. This is the key to eliminating periodontal disease.

Why is deep tooth cleaning needed?

When there are deep pockets along the tooth roots due to bone recession it is impossible for the patient to properly clean and keep the gum tissue free of inflammation. A deep cleaning is necessary to remove the inflammation and debris and sometimes this will be done prior to gum surgery.

Prevention of Gum Disease

Daily oral hygiene is vital in preventing the onset and growth of gum disease. Brushing and flossing are vital in keeping teeth free from plaque-generating bacteria.

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