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Five Cosmetic Dental Breakthroughs

Five Breakthroughs in Dental Cosmetic Technology

for a Photo Perfect Smile


Photo by Dan Queiroz / Flickr

Everyone wants a brighter smile, but not everyone knows how to make this dream a reality. The good news is that you can have whiter teeth without a lot of hassle or expense thanks to five new dental cosmetic technologies. A perfect pearly white smile is within your reach. And as you know, when you smile the world smiles with you.

Here are five different advancements that can help you with a smile that’s perfect for taking a photo – even a close-up.

  1. Anti-Cavity Peptide – If you fear the dentist’s drill, you’ll be happy to know that it might not be needed as much in the future. Scientists have developed a new peptide that can actually help your teeth regenerate. This, of course, would get rid of cavities forever.

  2. Botox – While this is known for cosmetic surgery, some dentists have been using it to help with TMJ – temporomandibular joint disorder. Over 20 states in the U.S. have studied the use of Botox by dentists, with many passing legislation that allows it to be used to treat TMJ – great news for anyone who suffers from that problem.

  3. Periodontal Disease – New research is giving dentists more information about why some women are statistically more likely to lose their teeth after menopause if they are smokers. More studies need to be conducted, but early results have been very promising for coming up with new ways to fight this problem with older women.

  4. Bad Breath Mobile App – if you think you’ve seen all the apps out there, you need to look again. One in development right now runs with a chip that can detect smells. This would allow the ability for an iPhone or other mobile device to tell you if you have bad breath.

  5. Dental Lasers – Another new technology that has come a long way over the last few years centers around dental lasers. These are giving dentists a lot more control over what they can do and not do when helping someone with their teeth. Procedures these days take less time to complete and are usually more accurate and safe as well.

The five recent advancements in cosmetic dentistry that are listed above are just a small sampling of everything that’s getting better at your dentist’s office. If you’ve been hesitant to go to the dentist in the past for any reason, you need to think again about your fear and hesitation. Getting your teeth looking picture perfect is easier than you might think. If you want to know more, talk to your local dentist as soon as you can.

Sheila Kurdinger has a collection of Monogram Necklaces that she’s owned for a long time now. When not looking for new pieces for her collection, she’s writing guest posts online about a variety of different topics, including better dental health.