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Clear Invisalign Aligners in San Diego

invisalign procedure san diegoInvisalign® is a revolutionary new technology for straightening teeth utilizing a series of custom made clear aligners.    Invisalign® is a great alternative to unsightly metal braces that most people don’t like. Invisalign® works by gradually moving the position of the teeth through a series of re-adjusted mouthpieces that are almost invisible.

Invisalign® is used when you want to straighten your teeth without the appearance of traditional brackets, bands and wires. Some of the benefits of Invisalign® are convenience, invisible, removable, comfortable, most poeple will not notice them.

Invisalign at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach.

You have also probably heard of Invisalign in San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach dental office. Invisalign can do most of what braces can in straightening your teeth and giving you a brighter smile. However Invisalign braces has been known to treat much greater problems with your teeth, making stronger better aligners. The best part about Invisalign is that the “aligners” (the clear braces you put it in your mouth) are removable. You can take out these aligners when you need to brush your teeth or eat. This is a huge plus when you are thinking about the decision to get braces. Invisalign is also clear at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach. Unfortunately the name is a little miss leading because the aligners and “buttons”(attached to your teeth to hold the aligners in place) are not invisible, however they are not as visible as the infamous “metal mouth” you dread. So point for visibility goes to Invisalign, but functionality is very similar.

Comparing prices of Braces and Invisalign at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach.

Invisalign is relatively higher in price than traditional braces. Depending on how many “trays” (what the aligners are in), each tray is diagnosed specifically for your teeth and diagnosed in the treatment) you receive, will determine the price of your treatment. If you have a minor problem that needs fixing, Invisalign express is cheaper than traditional braces and can probably get the job done. Invisalign  Express ranges from $1,500-$4,000. The average cost of traditional braces is $5,000 and many insurance companies will cover a percentage. Invisalign ranges from $3,500-$8,000. Some insurances will cover a percentage of Invisalign cost as well depending on your coverage.

There is some great financing available at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach for Invisalign braces as well other dental treatment. We have found that financing is reasonable, for under $100 a month.

Wear Ability

Invisalign wins in this category every time, because of the ability to remove the aligners. Getting food stuck in your teeth, your teeth staining, and gum problems are usually not an issue with Invisalign as they are with traditional braces. Some people have had problems with their teeth after using traditional braces, like cavities from stuck food, etc. . .

One thing you should remember is to get all of your cavities and cosmetic corrections done before you start your Invisaline treatment at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach. It will help with the fluidity of the process. If you don’t you may have to stop treatment in the middle to get something fixed. In the category of comfort and usability Invisalign wins because you are still able to do those everyday things.

The Look

If you start Invisalign and it is difficult to talk or you sound like the Spleen from Mystery Men, don’t worry, usually people have difficulty talking in the first week because you salivate due to the foreign object in your mouth and it takes time to get used to the aligners. You will get used to them and talking with them in will get easier. Because Invisalign from San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach is visually appealing it is obvious that we choose clear non-visible braces vs. those metal brackets. You only have to tell people about your treatment if you choose to rather than the opening conversation being “How long do you have your braces for?” or “How long have you had those things?” It is not the best start to a conversation and one Invisalign can avoid.

The Invisalign® Procedure

The first step in the Invisalign®  process is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aryan  at the Pacific Beach dental offices in San Diego to get an overview of how Invisalign aligners works, evaluate your situation and answer your questions. Then, a treatment plan will be created specifically for you. A set of impressions will be taken in the Dentist Pacific Beach dental office and sent to Invisalign®  where your aligners are created via precision computer mapping and design. After the aligners are returned to San Diego Dentist you will receive your aligners and review the treatment guidelines. You will then wear each set of aligners for two weeks, removing them to eat, brush and floss. Periodic appointments will be made to monitor your progress. Typical treatments last 15 months depending on each individuals need.

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