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Braces at  Dentist Pacific Beach at San Diego Dentist .

invisalignOur patients at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach know what braces are. We have all seen them on Ugly Betty and the kid next door. Unfortunately most of us wish we didn’t need them or are dreading the idea of getting them. Why? Because of the way they look and feel in our mouth.

The plus of braces is that they get the job done. After the long process and joke poking you definitely have straighter teeth. The extreme overbites and bad malocclusions may have to be fixed only with the help of traditional braces. This is because many of the alternatives out there cannot move your teeth the way braces can at San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach. The rubber bands, powerchains, and powerful expanders move your teeth in a powerful way. Despite the look, braces will get the job done and you will have much straighter teeth when the treatment is complete.

Find out more about getting Invisalign aligners here or clear braces that are removable instead of traditional metal looking braces. At San Diego Dentist Pacific Beach you have a choice to select regular braces or clear braces, called Invisalign aligners. Click here for more information about Invisalign aligners.