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What Is a Full Arch Replacement Dental Procedure


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Dental problems are virtually inevitable and dreading by many, whether it’s plaque cleanup, a cavity drilling and filling, or root canal. But if your teeth are on the more extreme end of damage that they call for replacement, a periodontist is your next stop so you can keep a pretty smile and getting back to chewing and speaking like normal.

If your doctor’s order is to get a full arch replacement, then you probably have some questions about the procedure, the results, and what exactly it is as you read on various health blogs online. A full arch replacement is when a full arch, as in the upper or lower jaw of teeth, is replaced with dental implants and a fixed bridge. After the procedure and healing, you’ll have a permanent and stable replacement with a pleasing appearance.

What is the Procedure?

The number of visits is largely dependent on the particular case specifics of the individual, but it’s generally between eight and ten visits to properly install a fixed bridge. The good news is that after the procedure, most people say that the fixed bridge is more comfortable than they had expected.

Installing the fixed bridge can be broken down into three parts for the procedure. Preceding the actual procedure, your doctors will perform a thorough examination and review an outline of the treatment with you. Installing the actual implants will put new tooth roots in place for attached the fixed bridge, and temporary teeth will be attached so you can speak and eat properly while you heal.

After three to six months, the bond between the jawbone and the implants should be complete and and the abutments can be placed on the implants. With the abutments in place, the new permanent fixed bridge can be attached securely. To completely attach the bridge, it can normally require two to three visits.

The end result is utterly astonishing, as for you and anyone else who looks, the new teeth can hardly be distinguished from the old ones. Anyone who may have had traditional dentures beforehand will notice that they have greater comfort and better functionality with their full arch replacement and fixed bridge.

Choices Outside of Fixed Bridge

If a permanent fixed bridge is not what you’re looking for, there are alternatives like removable and implant-anchored overdentures, which don’t have as many disadvantages as traditional dentures.The implant-anchored will use implants for improved comfort and function by helping to keep the denture in place. They’re also less costly than the fixed bridge, but the end result doesn’t equal its advantages.

A removable full denture has a low price and is easy to install, as they’re loosely placed over the gum to cover the teeth that were lost. Some disadvantages of this are problems and discomfort with eating, speaking, and irritating the gums because it moves around. Another problem is the loss of sense of taste when it’s used on the upper jaw.

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