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Tooth Colored Fillings San Diego

tooth colored fillings

San Diego Dentist says: White, tooth colored fillings are a great alternative to the old type silver-gray amalgam metal fillings of the past.


Tooth fillings are standard treatment for tooth caries, tooth decay or cavities. Filling a cavity prevents further decay to the tooth. If you need a filling, your dentist will advise you of your options and recommend the type of filling that is best for your situation.

Your options will depend on the location of the tooth, the size of the cavity, your preferences, esthetic results and cost. Below I’m discussing some of the different kinds of tooth fillings that are available today.


Dental fillings are usually made of dental amalgam or composite resin.

Amalgam is a silver-gray material made from silver alloyed with copper or other metals to make it more durable. Amalgam fillings are used primarily in molars and premolars.

Tooth-colored composite resin fillings are an esthetic alternative to the metal fillings of the past. Unlike traditional metal fillings containing mercury, tooth-colored fillings are formed with non-toxic composite resins and plastics. Composite resin fillings offer a better appearance because the color is similar to that of your teeth. They are used primarily in the front teeth, although it is possible to use them in all teeth.

San Diego dentist, Dr. Aryan states that “ White, tooth-colored fillings are popular because they are attractive, non-toxic and durable, and don’t leak toxins into your body like traditional amalgam fillings can. They look more natural than silver amalgam fillings.  Bonded directly to the tooth, the composite fillings are durable and strong. White, composite fillings are usually more expensive than silver, amalgam fillings and dental insurances typically don’t cover the additional cost.”

Gold inlay may be used if greater strength is needed, but this is more expensive.

The dentist will typically numb the area. You may receive a form of sedation dentistry to ensure your comfort.  He will remove the decayed material in the cavity and cleanse the area to remove bacteria and debris. He will fill the cavity with the recommended filling.

In many cases, tooth sensitivity caused by enamel loss will be significantly improved or completely gone after a dental filling. But sometimes, depending on the extent of tooth decay or damage, the tooth may require additional or alternative procedures, including dental crowns or a root canal.

Contact your San Diego dentist if you have a tooth ache or cavity and think you might need a tooth filling.