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See a Cosmetic Dentist to Transform to a Healthy, White Smile


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When you go to the movies or flip on the television, you always see actors and other media personalities with bright, white smiles that might blind the camera man. But they’re not the only people who might benefit from whiter teeth, and it can be affordable for everybody through a cosmetic dentist. You can clean off the years of cola, coffee, and tobacco residue and break out with a more confident smile.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Everybody’s teeth are different; some are naturally lighter or darker than others, while factors like diet and aging can increase that yellowish appearance of your teeth. If you smoke or chew, then the tobacco and smoke residue will stain the surface, or your morning cup of coffee will contribute.

Teeth will also naturally darken or yellow with aging, and trauma or injury to your teeth can cause them to take on a grayish, brownish, or even a black color. Too much fluoride when your teeth are still forming can them them a mottled appearance, and other foods like blueberries and cherries, and even red wine, will cause color staining.

What is Tooth Whitening?


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Tooth whitening is the lightening of your teeth, removing stains and discoloration from the surface and inside, called the enamel and dentin. A thin coating, called pellicle, builds on your teeth everyday and picks up stains, while the pores in your teeth will also hold stains. Whitening will help to reverse the darkening and yellowing from these.

Whitening your teeth one time is not enough for the long term; to maintain the lighter color, you will need to make trips for additional whitening from time-to-time. Dental problems like cavities need to be taken care of before whitening, and whitening will not lighten the exposed roots of your teeth from gum recession.

Advantages of Whitening Your Teeth

You can benefit from whitening your teeth in many different ways, and in all different facets of your life. A brighter, whiter smile can give you a boost in self confidence, never afraid to flash a grin to your friends, coworkers, and a possible date for Friday night. The simple act of removing years of staining and yellowing from your teeth from everyday use and abuse gives you a jumpstart to your social confidence.

If you’re looking to make a great first impression on other, your whiter teeth can give you a positive note in your appearance and attractiveness. Teeth whitening will help make you look younger; reversing years of stains will also have a more holistic effect on you, as a whole. If you have a wedding, reunion, or other social engagement coming up, your glistening grin can be an icebreaker, and it’ll look great in the photos.

Don’t be afraid to do a little upkeep on your mouth. With affordable dental services from cosmetic dentists, you can keep confident and look younger and more approachable with a dazzling smile. And this can help you land a good job, especially if you get practical personal trainer training online.

Adeline Erwin is a fitness coach and health enthusiast living in Australia. She conducts free fitness classes for seniors at her neighborhood’s community center.