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Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Services are provided by San Diego Dentist unique to the Pacific Beach area.

Dr. Sonny Aryan, San Diego emergency dentist provides 24-hour emergency dental services in San Diego, even on weekends.

Dr. Aryan offers the latest in restorative dentistry and can help you with any dental emergency in San Diego you may have. Our San Diego Dentist offers a convenient approach to emergency dental care.

Dr. Aryan cautions patients against seeking dental care in hospital emergency rooms. Instead, he encourages patients to seek out an experienced emergency dentist when in need of urgent dental care.

“Severe dental issues can be extremely painful, and for many patients in need of urgent dental care in San Diego, their first reaction is to go to a hospital for emergency treatment,” said Dr. Aryan. “Unfortunately, in most cases, hospital emergency staff will usually only provide painkillers, but aren’t able to get to the root of the problem. Only treating the pain, and not treating the real issue can prove to be even more damaging in the long run.”

Since the launch of his emergency dental clinic in San Diego, Dr. Aryan has become a leader in urgent dental care in San Diego. He and his experienced staff have more than 20 years of experience treating the five most common dental emergencies, which include severe toothaches, tooth abscesses, loose or broken brace wires, injury to soft dental tissue and objects trapped between the teeth.

Dr. Aryan’s office provides 24-hour emergency dental services in San Diego, even on weekends. His practice is committed to providing San Diego patients with access to highly trained and experienced dentists around the clock.

“We are committed to providing the highest level of patient service possible for those in need of emergency dental services in San Diego,” said Dr. Aryan. “We want our patients to know that no matter when they experience discomfort, our team of dentists is standing by, ready to provide relief.”

Dr. Aryan at Dentist Pacific Beach is a San Diego emergency dentist. In addition to providing 24/7 emergency dental services in San Diego, Dr. Aryan;s office also provides general and cosmetic dentistry in Pacific Beach, San Diego during regular office hours.

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