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PR33 – 24 Hour Emergency Dentist in San Diego Urges Patients Not to Wait for Treatment

A 24-hour emergency dentist in San Diego is urging patients to come forward as soon as possible if they need emergency dental treatment rather than waiting and possibly causing the problem to worsen.

Dental emergencies can include broken braces, a toothache or abscess, damage to the soft tissue of the gums, or trapped food in between a tooth, and while some of these scenarios might not always seem like an emergency, it is still important that a person seek immediate help.
Such is his belief that people should have access to urgent dental care in the San Diego area, Dr. Aryan, a San Diego emergency dentist at Dentist Pacific Beach, has recently launched an emergency dental clinic in San Diego.

Commenting on the need for a 24 hour dental service, Dr. Aryan said: “Far too many patients wait too long to see a dentist when they experience a dental problem, and while on most occasions this won’t lead to severe medical or dental consequences, it is still essential that the patient gets help as soon as possible. What might seem like a mild toothache can soon develop into an infection, and an abscess cannot wait; patients need antibiotics as soon as possible to prevent the infection from spreading.”

Getting dental treatment right away will help to ensure that the patient does not need to stay in pain any longer than they need to, and they can get the assurance of a qualified dentist and the urgent dental treatment that they need. Patients seeking help as quickly as possible will also be able to avoid the complications that could result if they don’t see a dentist sooner.

With a 24-hour dentist in San Diego, patients can be assured that no matter the time of day an emergency occurs, they can get immediate help. Dr. Aryan welcomes all patients regardless of how minor the matter might seem, and he believes that the emergency service will ensure that patients are not left in pain when they need urgent dental care.

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