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PR32 – San Diego Dentist Comments on Growing Popularity of Dental Implants

Dental implants in San Diego are becoming increasingly popular. Dr. Aryan, a San Diego dentist explains why dental implants are fast becoming the preferred method for replacing a lost or damaged tooth.

The latest statistics show that an increasing amount of people are electing to have dental implants, and there are many reasons for their growing popularity.
Many people opt for a dental implants because it provides a long-term solution for replacing a lost or damaged tooth, and unlike some alternatives an implant feels completely natural and will allow an individual to and drink eat normally.

A dental implant will also benefit the patient by helping to protect the surrounding teeth and it will help to prevent bone loss.

Another reason that so many people might elect to have a dental implant is that it looks completely natural. It will restore a smile and the individual’s natural profile without looking synthetic or out of place.

Dr. Aryan, dentist at Dentist Pacific beach in San Diego, states: “A lot of people find it damaging to their self-confidence when they have an imperfect smile and they can find it difficult to determine which would be the best option for restoring their self-esteem, while also achieving a natural look that is beneficial to their overall dental health. An increasing number of people find that a dental implant is the ideal solution as it can help restore lost confidence, and once the dental work has been completed there is no need for expensive, ongoing maintenance”.

While the prospect of undergoing a dental implant might seem daunting, patients of Dr. Aryan can be assured that they are in safe hands. Dr. Aryan is a Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of California San Francisco and UCLA implant Placement Restoration and has many years’ experience working with dental implants.
Dr. Aryan is happy to explain the process to anyone considering undergoing a dental implant; patients can find out further information by contacting the practice.

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