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PR 51 San Diego Emergency Dentist Applauds Launch of American Dental Association’s New Holiday Campaign

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Dr. Sonny Aryan, one of the leading emergency dentists in San Diego, is applauding the launch of a new holiday campaign recently debuted by the American Dental Association (ADA). The campaign is a healthy holiday tips program designed to help address poor dental health behaviors during the holiday season.

The campaign encourages men, women and children to have a routine, eat more carrots and vegetables instead of sweets, protect teeth and visit the dentist, all of which are tips that Dr. Aryan shares with patients at his emergency dental clinic in San Diego.

“The ADA’s holiday campaign offers tons of great dental tips,” said Dr. Aryan. “I especially applaud the organization for encouraging the public to protect their teeth when playing winter sports. Often, athletes forget to wear a mouthgard, which often leads to the need for urgent dental care.”

Dr. Aryan’s office specializes in emergency dental services in San Diego during the holidays and year round. His office is the region’s preferred provider for treatment for severe toothaches, tooth abscess, tooth loss, loose braces, broken brace wires, injury to soft tissue, objects trapped between teeth and other dental emergencies.

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