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Dental Sedation San Diego

Dental sedation involves the use of drugs to lessen the pain or awareness associated with potentally  painful dental procedures. Sedation includes medications such as valium, nitrous oxide and IV sedation. Some sedation medications are combined with a local anesthetic to minimize pain.

When is sedation used by San Diego Dentist?

Sedation is used for the benefit of the patient and can be administered for most procedures. When a particular procedure is known to likely result in pain, Dr. Aryan at San Diego Dentists will recommend the best medication for you. If you are anxious or fearful of a dental procedure, Dr. Aryan  will work with you to provide the best level of comfort. Dental procedures do not have to be painful and the Pacific Beach dental office strives to make your dental visits as pain free as possible.

How does a  dental sedation work at San Diego Dentist?

Exact dental sedation procedures will depend on the sedation method. If there are oral medications involved, these medicines will be taken 1 hour prior to the dental procedure. Oral local anesthetics will also be used to further eliminate pain. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can also be administered to induce a state of relaxation. Full sedation procedures are only done under the direction of a licensed anesthesiologist.

If you think you want to be sedated for a dental treatment, call Dr. Aryan at Dentists Pacific Beach  to set up an appointment for your dental needs and discuss sedation.