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Benefits of Lumineers for a Winning Smile

Some of the Pros and Cons of Getting Lumineers to Fix Your Teeth

Do you want an award winning smile? If you’re almost there but you need a little help, Lumineers may be able to help you go from good teeth to great teeth! If you’ve not heard about this type of dental veneer, you need to keep reading. Dentistry has come a long way in just the last few years. Knowing the pros and cons of Lumineers will help you be able to decide whether or not they’re right for you.

What are Lumineers?


Photo by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz / Flickr

Lumineers are dental veneers, but they’re different than the old style that many are accustomed to having in their mouth. They are made from a different material these days and are a lot thinner and easier to install. Additionally, they tend to stick in better. Lumineers are the king of dental veneers.

Negatives & Benefits of Lumineers

Why choose Lumineers? Keep reading to learn about all the pros and cons.

  • Pro – Quick and Painless – One of the best things about getting Lumineers is that they are easy to install because no work needs to be done to your existing teeth. This makes the whole process really quick and process.

  • Con – Not All Teeth – Lumineers are not going to help with teeth that are decayed or gums that are not healthy. Not everyone is going to benefit from Lumineers. If your teeth are not in good condition, Lumineers may not help.

  • Pro – Affordable – Another good thing about Lumineers is that they’re affordable. While they cost more than other veneers, they’re worth the extra money. Even being a new technology, when compared to other cosmetic dentistry they are very affordable and reasonably priced.

  • Con – Good to Better – Unlike other cosmetic dental work, Lumineers are more for people that have decent teeth already but who want a perfect smile.

  • Pro – Proprietary Technology – Because Lumineers are a brand and are protected by proprietary technology, you know they’re being created in a certified lab somewhere and are entirely safe.

The Choice is Yours

Whether or not you choose to go with Lumineers, it’s a good idea to seriously consider them. While they’re not going to be able to help everyone, there’s a good chance that if you have decent teeth already, you can improve them and have a celebrity smile without a lot of hassle or cost. The choice is yours, but the longer you wait, the less time you’ll be able to enjoy having your new teeth.

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